Tired of Crying

Kessan Mandolph's life story of hardship and redemption is the motivation behind her mission to tell her story to help others. She has survived abuse, the loss of a child and the dark seedy world of exotic dancing. Her story is one of strength, perseverance and faith. Kessan is dedicated to tell her story in hopes of helping young women (and young men) to find the love within themselves to overcome any of life's many obstacles.


The centerpiece of this mission is Kessan's autobiography entitled Tired of Crying: From The Stripper House To The Church House. Kessan chronicles her falls and comebacks, her trials and triumphs. The book is available here in hard copy and electronic versions. Kessan's works also include motivational speaking, counseling women's groups and mentoring youth.


So if you want to buy her book, schedule a speaking engagement or just gain inspiration from the monthly excerpts and passages from her book please enjoy Tired of Crying...


This site is for you.



I have written this book and hosting this website to help anyone who is currently struggling with personal obstacles in life. My purpose for sharing with you my story of pain, grief, abuse, and loss is to encourage you so you will know that it can and will get better in time.


The first time I entered El Shaddai Christian church, Pastor Sanders White, Sr., and his family embraced me. They took me under their wings. Throughout my own personal transition, they remained with me, although there were things about me and my life which they certainly did not agree with. Instead of judging me, they continued to show the unconditional love parents would show their own daughter. I was never made to feel bad about my past or the decisions I had made because of my life experiences. Instead, they continued to remind me just how much God loves me, assuring me that everything would be okay if I put all of my trust in Him.



                                                                     Kessan Mandolph-Taylor