Tired of Crying


Kessan Is Available To Speak To Your Congregation, Organization Or Event!


* Praise-dance

* Motivational Speaker/ women conference

*Real talk with our youth

* Workshop shop for young women and older/talk about how to heal from past issues

*Teach Personal development class talk about personal growth

* How to faith-it and not fake-it

* Learn to love yourself so you can know yourself

* Learn how to heal from losing a child

* Talk about how to hear God voice so you can make better decision

* Help encourage and share thoughts on how to come out of abusive relationships

* Talk about and learn how to forgive those who hurt you

* Learn how to take responsibly for your life

* Looking in the mirror exercise

* Learn Effective communication

* Knowing yourself worth

* One on one counseling

* Book clubs/Book signing

* Help set up first time author set up book format/ and help publish books and much more.






Kessan Mandolph-Taylor

Phone:  424.235.0138

eMail:   tiredofcrying@gmail.com


Upcoming Events: