Tired of Crying

Editor's Review


Kessan Mandolph is a vivacious woman who has overcome many obstacles in her young life to become a positive force in her church, her community and in the world. She grew up in the West Los Angeles area and would become an unwed mother at the age of 16. Dropping out of high school, Kessan never gave up on the hope of finishing school and doing something positive with her life. She is currently in college pursuing a Master's Degree in social work. She has made it her mission to empower those who feel like all hope is lost, especially females of all ages. Kessan is a faithful member of El Shaddai Christian Church where she ministers in Praise Dance not only there but with many other churches as well. Kessan is now on her 1st year in college working on her Bachelor degree in human service and plans on getting her Master.


Great book ! Powerful message!


                                                       K. Hamilton

                                                       Detroit, Mi







Testimonials & Reviews

I loved, loved, loved the Book!




                                                      Lia Daniels


Hello Kessan!! I'm Nisha's best friend I have seen you quite a few times in church and at family services; however I just wanted to stop by and let you know I love your book and it touched my soul. I already loved the way you minister to us in dance but after reading your story I can feel why you’re such a blessing. Thank you very much for sharing and I pray God continue to use and strengthen you during your journey, I have already told most of the young ladies that I know and will continue to do so.


                                                                     Darnisha Johnson


After reading Tired of Crying I was in amazement because we would talk about some of the things you were going through during that time but I never really knew the extent of all that you had endured. Your life is truly a testimony and will inspire women who have been through these type of situations to seek GOD and know that he accepts us, forgives us and gives us the strength to move forward. I commend you for being so open and  honest and willing to reach out to others. I am so proud of you for stepping out on faith because your book has inspired me seek a deeper connection with GOD.


                                                                             Nicole Render


Love it ! I was full of all kinds of emotions and knowing that this book is such an inspiration to all of us no matter where we are on our walk with God we will be able to be reminded of your words and experiences and know God will never leave us and will even allow certain things to happen only to help us see how much He really loves us. Sorry for the run on sentence...lol. Thanks so much for your obedience.


                                                                                 Arie Sloan


This book is a beautiful expression of the struggles that many women go through. It is a story that is often untold. I can only speak from my prior experiences many of which are quite similar to that of Kessan's. Kessan I commend you for having the courage to tell your story and my hope is that it falls into the hands of readers that need to read it most. The young women that are suffering from some of the same trials and tribulations; that feel helpless amongst their circumstances. May they find peace in knowing that they too,can overcome any obstacle as long as they seek GOD out and have faith. God bless!


                                                                          Tisha Howland